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Why Women Are Not Getting Enough Opportunities of Success

In this era of feminism, women are still facing discrimination in the race of success. Whenever a woman gets a chance to show her skill, she proves her competence in every field of life. Women are not only the symbol of beauty but they are also blessed with variety of skills. Whether you talk about fashion industry or IT industry, you will find prominent names of women as entrepreneurs. They are running the big firms and walking shoulder to shoulder with men. With the growth of feminism movement, women start chasing their dream in every field with better enthusiasm. However, people still consider women less competent than men. People believe that women are less reliable than men because they need to bring up the children and family. Therefore, there are not enough opportunities of success available for women. People prefer giving success opportunity to men for ensuring the reliability of success. Nevertheless, the world is changing now. Women are taking over different industries by