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What Is The Perfect Age For Muslim Marriage In Pakistan?

  In the patriarchal society, young brides are considered as the perfect bride for an individual. This dogma is feeding the practices of child marriage in Pakistan. According to WHO’s report, approximately 21 % of girls got married before their marriageable age. The driving factors of child marriages are our conventional norms, patriarchal belief, illiteracy, and more. However, Islam and the Government of Pakistan have specified the perfect age for  Muslim marriage . We have discussed the Islamic perspective and legal viewpoint for  Muslim shadi of girls  and boys. Every  online rishta  seekers should start seeking  perfect rishta  after reaching the marriageable age of  Muslim girls and Muslim boys. Perfect age for marriage in Islam Islam is giving lessons on every phase of life, so it is also providing the Islamic perspective for Muslim marriage. Islam has identified some essential conditions that make the aspirant eligible for Muslim shadi. If you want successful marriage from  onli

What Are Gurdwara Wedding Rules In Pakistan?

  Sikh wedding in Gurdwara features the religious customs, mesmerizing rituals, and traditional norms of Sikhism. Sikh communities are found in minorities of Pakistan, but Pakistan has given full liberty to perform all religious practices. However, the Gurdwara wedding rules will be applied to the Sikh marriage ceremony in Pakistan. Under  Punjab Sikh Anand Karaj Marriage Act 2018 , it is compulsory for couple to register their Anand Karaj marriage within 30 days of marriage. If you have found your perfect  online Sikh boy rishta  or  Sikh girl rishta  from an online matrimonial platform, then start organizing your dream Gurdwara wedding in Pakistan.  Here we tell the traditional rituals and Anand Karaj registration process to guide Sikh Marriages at Gurdwara. Sikh Marriage rituals in Pakistan: When it comes to  online shadi in Pakistan , Sikh marriages are considered the most sacred wedding ceremony. The Sikh families start searching for the  online rishta  for Sikh boys or Sikh girls

Why Child Marriage Is Not Good For The Couple?

  Child Marriage refers to the marriage between a child bride and older men and vice versa. In Pakistan, early marriages are mostly driven by conservative norms, gender dominance, cousin marriage trend, sharia law, etc.  Pakistani shadi  of child brides in backward areas mostly occurs under the influence of the traditional culture of early marriages because conformist people believe that girls should get married early for the sake of their honor protection. However, the government of Pakistan and the different NGOs has taken the prevailing steps to end child marriages in  Pakistan.  Online shadi website in Pakistan  also discourages the practices of child marriage by limiting the  online rishta service for girls  and boys age 18 and above. Here we discuss all the consequences that make child marriage ruthless for the couple. If you are going to marry a young child bride, then read this before proceeding to  Muslim Marriage in Pakistan . Ends girl’s childhood: Child marriage ends the gi

Best gaming books of 2020

  Are you a gaming enthusiast? Well if you are then we bring you a large collection of  gaming books  that you will want to read in 2020. Now you can order online gaming books online in Pakistan from the comfort of your home. Video game magazines and books combine amazing things in them to make them attractive and that includes a bit of the story, scene insight, and artwork that attracts the readers to buy these video game books. You can also buy gaming magazines from Amazon and we guarantee the delivery of 100% original products to your home in Pakistan. From novelizations and art games to  lore books  and supporting fiction we have a wide collection of gaming books that you will fall in love with  . Below we have the list of the best gaming books of 2020 that should be read. Game On! 2020 Order Now Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made Order Now The Book of Esports: The Definitive Guide to Competitive Video Games Order Now The Ult