What Is The Perfect Age For Muslim Marriage In Pakistan?


In the patriarchal society, young brides are considered as the perfect bride for an individual. This dogma is feeding the practices of child marriage in Pakistan. According to WHO’s report, approximately 21 % of girls got married before their marriageable age. The driving factors of child marriages are our conventional norms, patriarchal belief, illiteracy, and more. However, Islam and the Government of Pakistan have specified the perfect age for Muslim marriage. We have discussed the Islamic perspective and legal viewpoint for Muslim shadi of girls and boys. Every online rishta seekers should start seeking perfect rishta after reaching the marriageable age of Muslim girls and Muslim boys.

Perfect age for marriage in Islam

Islam is giving lessons on every phase of life, so it is also providing the Islamic perspective for Muslim marriage. Islam has identified some essential conditions that make the aspirant eligible for Muslim shadi. If you want successful marriage from online shadi in Pakistan, then you should also consider the following online shadi conditions.

  • Girl and boy having the same religion or faith, as interfaith marriages are forbidden in Islam
  • Both spouses should be mature enough to understand the rights and duties of spouses.
  • Both spouses should have the physical and mental maturity to bring up a family.
  • Spouses’ consent for marriage is essential to make Muslim marriage valid.
  • Girl and boy should have crossed their age of puberty.

Islam does not provide the exact age for marriage, but it has given the definition of marriageable age in Islam. The prime purpose of Muslim shadi is to promote love, compassion, and serenity between two soulmates. This soulful relation can contribute to a healthy society by providing a good generation. The competence of the spouses is necessary to drive the Pakistani shadi with success. Thus, Islam marks the perfect age of marriage as the post puberty age of girls and boys. According to Sharia Law, boys and girls become eligible for Pakistani shadi once they hit puberty. However, the physical and emotional competencies are also important for successful marriages. Islam has also given us instruction to marry off daughter once she becomes prepared for understanding and carrying her rights and responsibilities in marriage. The same applies to Muslim grooms, as they should also know their duties and rights in the Muslim marriages. The online shadi matrimonial website in Pakistan always promotes Islamic culture for providing the perfect online rishta in Pakistan. Thus, the online marriage bureau does not facilities the seeker who wants a child bride or under-aged bride for online shadi in Pakistan.

Legal age for Marriage in Pakistan

Child marriages and early marriages are practicing in Pakistan for ages. Pakistan’s government has taken the essential steps to prevent early marriages consequences. The prime step they have taken is to ban the early marriages under the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929. The Government of Pakistan has also acquiesced with child rights treaties, in which Convention on the Rights of the Child 1990 is on the top. Thus, Pakistan is bound to involve it in its legislation divisions. This treaty has been set the minimum age for marriage is 18 years as it is the maturity age for girls and boys.

According to the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929, the legal age for marriage is 18 years and 16 years for boys and girls respectively. Under this provision, if any marriage occurs with this act violation, then the court will impose fines and penalties on the parents, guardians, or the person who holds the wedding. However, the nikkah will remain valid as per the Islamic ideology.

In 2018, a senator Sherry Mazari suggested the amendments to Child Marriage restraint Act 1929. She advised extending the legal marriage age for girls from 16 to 18 years because 16 years cannot ensure the emotional and mental maturity of a girl for marriage. This bill is now known as Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill 2018. Under this bill, the legal marriageable age for girls and boys is 18 years for both girls and boys.

To completely omit the marriage before 18 years, MPA Uzma Kardar proposed another amendment to the Child marriage act 1929, i.e., make CNIC a mandatory requirement for contracting Pakistani marriage. Thus, it becomes essential to attach CNIC of Muslim Bride and Muslim Groom to establish a legal marriage contract, i.e., Nikkah Nama. These laws and progressive amendments are playing a vital role in curbing the child marriages in Pakistan. The online shadi services are also limited for the online rishta aspirants whose ages are complying with the legal marriage age.

Patriarchal desire of young brides

To implement the legal age for Muslim marriage in Pakistan, we need to change our patriarchal thinking. Many conservative families have a desire to bring a young-aged Muslim bride for their son. They believe that the young girl can easily adjust to their family and can bring a healthy family. However, early marriages can lead to adverse consequences, such as a generation gap between husband and wife, pregnancy-related issues, non-compatibilities, poor personality development, affects the offspring, and more. Thus, we should revolutionize our outdated thinking to contribute to a healthy society. The online shadi in Pakistan at the perfect age for marriage can be an effective step towards healthy and ideal married life.

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