Why Child Marriage Is Not Good For The Couple?


Child Marriage refers to the marriage between a child bride and older men and vice versa. In Pakistan, early marriages are mostly driven by conservative norms, gender dominance, cousin marriage trend, sharia law, etc. Pakistani shadi of child brides in backward areas mostly occurs under the influence of the traditional culture of early marriages because conformist people believe that girls should get married early for the sake of their honor protection. However, the government of Pakistan and the different NGOs has taken the prevailing steps to end child marriages in Pakistan. Online shadi website in Pakistan also discourages the practices of child marriage by limiting the online rishta service for girls and boys age 18 and above. Here we discuss all the consequences that make child marriage ruthless for the couple. If you are going to marry a young child bride, then read this before proceeding to Muslim Marriage in Pakistan.

  • Ends girl’s childhood:

Child marriage ends the girl’s childhood as the crow flies. In rural areas, conformist parents of girls marry off their daughters once they reach puberty. They do not think about their fundamental right to education, health, equity, and personal development. They believe it will become a flaw in their girl if she marries late. This thought makes the child brides deprived of their basic human rights. Thus, little brides develop insecurities, low self-esteem, and poor personality. The illiteracy rate is also found higher among such couples from child marriage.

  • Emotionally and physically immature child bride:

Child brides always live with the feel of disempowered because they do not have any liberty to pursue their dreams. According to surveys, child brides are awfully fragile in terms of their health and emotions. Thus, they experience more risks of diseases, complications, domestic abuses, and more. These factors make the girl depending on their guardian, either economically or physically. The online matrimony website tries to omit the child marriage practice by providing the reliable online girl rishta for marriage as per the age of the aspirant. Thus, many parents trust us for being reliable in getting the ideal rishta for online shadi in Pakistan.

  • High risk of pregnancy-related injuries:

According to Medical sciences, young girls under 15 have 5 times more chances to get pregnancy related injuries. Firstly, child brides are not ready for sexual intercourse, either physically or mentally. However, if they conceive, then they will experience a lot of complications during pregnancies. These complications may also lead to the death of a mother and baby. Thus, the Government of Pakistan has prohibited child marriage to limit such consequences. The website of online shadi in Pakistan also promotes the child marriage restraint act 1929 for ending child marriage in Pakistan.

  • Risk for sexually transmitted disease:

Conservative people believe that the early marriages can protect the honor of girls and prevent promiscuity. However, the consequences are worse than this thought because the married child bride does not know about her consent in building any physical relation. Domestic abuse, marital rape, and unprotected vaginal intercourse can also add to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. According to Global Statistics, HIV infections are higher in girls age 15 to 24 than men.

  • High risk of cervical cancer:

When it comes to cervical cancer, one can find child marriage and polygamy as the prime reason. However, it is rare but it does exist at a high rate in young couples. It is usually transmitted by a polygamous husband who has more than one wife. So, if you are seeking the online rishta for second marriage, then consider this risk too. Many NGOs are also raising awareness of cervical cancer risk from the practice of child marriage, as child brides are unable to demand safer sexual practices.

  • Effects on Offspring:

The poor health of a child bride brings a lot of pregnancy complications, such as anemia, Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, breech position, Preeclampsia, and even miscarriage. The feeble body of a girl under 18 is not ready to carry a child in her womb, so she does not able to provide required nourishment to the fetus. The malnutrition of the mother can also bring major effects on offspring survival, baby growth, and baby early development. Sometimes poor maternal care can also lead to the death of a baby. Thus, doctors always discourage the act of children bearing children. Online marriage sites in Pakistan also deject child marriage for its ruinous consequences. The online marriage bureau always entertains the online rishta aspirants who are above 18 to condemn child marriage in Pakistan.

  • Poor Personality Development:

The young girls in child marriages are deprived of the basic rights of education, freedom, equality, and safety, so they have a glitch in their personalities. Low self-esteem and poor confidence make them dependent on their husband for every outdoor task. This poor personality development can also become a problem in bringing up the children. Thus, the educated and broad-minded individual does not support child marriage in any circumstances and prefers getting an online girl rishta of educated families.

Every human has the responsibility to raise a voice if find something wrong. So, if you find anybody practicing child marriage, then report it to save the child right. We are also convicting the practice of child marriage in Pakistan as it has devastative consequences on child brides and the married life of a couple. Our matchmakers always give attention to the age of the aspirant rishta seekers, so we will never find in practicing this filthy act. Parents of Pakistani brides and Pakistani Grooms trust us for getting the perfect online rishta as per their desire. We provide versatile search options, such as rishta by caste, city, country, age, etc., but we will not facilitate clients demanding child brides for Pakistani shadi. If you want to get a perfect online rishta in Pakistan, then connect with us by creating your profile. The economic packages, supportive matchmakers, and reliable matchmaking process will let you find your destined life partner with ease. So, what do you want more for Muslim marriage in Pakistan?


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