What Are Gurdwara Wedding Rules In Pakistan?


Sikh wedding in Gurdwara features the religious customs, mesmerizing rituals, and traditional norms of Sikhism. Sikh communities are found in minorities of Pakistan, but Pakistan has given full liberty to perform all religious practices. However, the Gurdwara wedding rules will be applied to the Sikh marriage ceremony in Pakistan. Under Punjab Sikh Anand Karaj Marriage Act 2018, it is compulsory for couple to register their Anand Karaj marriage within 30 days of marriage. If you have found your perfect online Sikh boy rishta or Sikh girl rishta from an online matrimonial platform, then start organizing your dream Gurdwara wedding in Pakistan. Here we tell the traditional rituals and Anand Karaj registration process to guide Sikh Marriages at Gurdwara.

Sikh Marriage rituals in Pakistan:

When it comes to online shadi in Pakistan, Sikh marriages are considered the most sacred wedding ceremony. The Sikh families start searching for the online rishta for Sikh boys or Sikh girls when they become adept to take responsibilities. The perfect marriage age for Sikh boys and girls is not specified in Sikhism, but the government of Pakistan has set 18 years the minimal age of Sikh marriages in Pakistan. The sacred rituals of the Anand Karaj ceremony are as under:

  • Kurmai:  When one has fixed the Sikh rishta, the preliminary ritual of Sikh marriage is Kurmai. It is a traditional engagement ceremony in which Bhaji of Gurdwara recites religious hymns and put on tilak on the Sikh boy’s forehead. The exchange of engagement rings will also occur in Kurmai rasam.
  • Chunni Chadai: After Kurmai Rasam, the Sikh boy’s family visits the girl’s home and put the Chunni on her head. The exchange of gifts may also occur.
  • Choora Ceremony: On the Mehndi or Henna Ceremony, the maternal uncle of the bride brings the red and white bangles on which golden Kalire are attached.
  • Maiya: Maiya indicates the day on which elders forbid Sikh boys and girls to leave the house before the wedding.
  • Gana ritual: Gana ritual signifies the sanctified red thread that is considered to protect the Sikh couple from evil eyes. Sikh Bride wears it on the left hand, and Sikh Groom wears it on the Right hand.
  • Vatna ritual: Vatna ritual is originated from traditional Indian Sikh weddings. In this rasam, the ubtan paste is applied to the groom and bride to make their skin glowing and radiant.
  • Gharoli ritual: In this rasam, the in-law sisters of girl and boy carry holy-water from gurdwara to bride and groom, and they are supposed to take bath with that water.
  • Milni ceremony: On the day of the Anand Karaj ceremony, the bride’s family welcomes the groom ceremony with gifts and garlands.
  • Anand Karaj Ceremony: It is the foremost ritual of Sikh wedding that occurs at Gurdwara or Bride’s home. Both the families visit Gurdwara to attend the religious rite of Kirtan, and then the wedding starts. The priest or Granth recites the ardas in the presence of the bride and groom. Every ritual occurs in front of guru granth sahib.
  • Laavan Pheras: After listening to the Ardas, the laavan pheras occurs, which is the holy rasam of the Sikh wedding. It represents 4 sacred prayers that seal the shadi of the Sikh boy and Sikh girl. They also take rounds around the Guru Granth Sahib then they exchange garland at the end of Anand Karaj.

After these rituals, Vidai happens in which the bride bids goodbye to her family. All of these traditional rasamyn make a Sikh wedding beautiful and colorful. The government of Pakistan gives freedom to perform the Sikh wedding with full zeal and zest. The rule that applied to the Sikh wedding is the minimal 18 years age of bride and groom, couple’s consent, and no interfaith marriage.

Anand Karaj and Registration process in Pakistan:

The government of Pakistan has given the Sikh marriage registration right under the registered under the Punjab Sikh Anand Karaj Marriage Act 2018. The procedure of Anand Karaj Registration in Pakistan is as under:

  • An Anand Karaj Registrar from a Sikh Community is liable to grant the Anand Karaj Certificate to the couple.
  • The groom or bride has to fill and submit the Anand Karaj form within 30 days of marriage to the Anand Karaj registrar.
  • Anand Karaj verifies the submitted details and solemnization of Sikh marriage.
  • A copy of the submitted Anand Karaj form will also send to the Chairman for the record.
  • Once every detail is found valid, the registrar will issue the Anand Karaj Certificate to the couple.

Rule of online matrimony for Sikh Marriages

The best online matrimonial site in Pakistan allows minorities to get the perfect online rishta in Pakistan. Whether you are seeking the beautiful Sikh girl rishta or educated Sikh boy rishta, the online shadi service can help you in online matchmaking for Sikh marriage in Pakistan. Following are the rules that should be applied while getting the best online Sikh Rishta for the Gurdwara wedding.

  • Always consider marrying someone from the same faith because Sikh with non-Sikh marriage is not allowed in Pakistan.
  • Sikh Community does not consider caste or lineage for choosing a life partner.
  • Pakistan’s government has forbidden child marriage so as the Sikh community does. Thus, always choose the life partner who is responsible enough to carry the married life.
  • Widows or widowers can remarry under the Sikh religion, so the online Sikh matrimonial website also allows the seekers to find the perfect match for widows, widowers, and divorced.
  • The dedicated online rishta website also encourages the Sikh community to celebrate every Anand Karaj wedding rights in Pakistan.

The online shadi service is not just restricted to Pakistan, but numerous Sikh girl and Sikh boy rishta in the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, and other counties are also available in the rishta portal. The easy online matchmaking procedure and authenticity of the service make online matrimony reliable for everyone. We will let you search for your ideal rishta in the Sikh community as per your requirement. Join us to avail the best facility of online shadi and online rishta in Pakistan.


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