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In today’s digital world, it becomes super easy to get the required information through the internet. Online PDF books and e-books are some of those means to acquire knowledge for much more than a lifetime. Nowadays, people are switching towards e-books rather than hardcover books to make reading fun and convenient anytime and anywhere. Thus, online book stores bring the services to provide an immersive range of novels, literature, journals, etc. in free online PDF book format. Online book bazaar enables bibliophiles to download new reads and old content on their smartphone or e-reader and read it anytime. It is the most economical option for people who prefer reading content digitally with the comfort on a smartphone, iPad, Kindle, or e-reader.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Here we mention the best free online PDF books sites that you can use to download a free e-book, specifically for your device.

1.     Google Books:

Google is not only the biggest search portal for finding anything, but it is also a great platform to find and download e-books in PDF format. You can search the online books order websites there or directly the books in file type PDF for a quick purchase. The Google play store also has a free section, where one can find a ton of free online PDF novels and literature from a variety of categories. It offers content in various formats, such as TXT, Doc. PDF, etc.

2.     Library Genesis:

Library Genesis provides access to 2 million articles, journals, novels, biographies, memoirs, and papers on various topics and genres. It is a reliable online bookstore that original books in a variety of languages and formats. The digital books readers highly prefer this website to get free PDF books from genres especially scientific, academic, and fiction. If you want to buy school books online in Pakistan, you can rely on this website to get free access to your required publications. 

3. ScienceDirect:

Students, researchers, and academic authors highly prefer ScienceDirect as the reliable platform to find and get free research papers in any discipline. It is one of the best online book sites in Pakistan that help you provide peer-reviewed literature on any specific topic. All the content is authentic, reliable, and credible, so authors count them as an achievement for publishing any paper there. The only drawback is that you cannot access every paper for free. There are some journals and research papers that require a purchase to read it.

4. Bookboon:

Bookboon is the biggest platform for buying e-books from the business genre. Even the world’s top high schools and universities suggest this website to get academic textbooks and business books in PDF format. The majority of literature belongs to the category of Accounting, Career, Economics, Finance, IT, Language, Engineering, and Marketing. The versatility in the inventory, economical monthly subscription, and free textbook options make it the best site for original books in Pakistan and any other country.

5. Internet Archives Books:

Internet Archive Books has a huge inventory of free books, software, movies, music, etc. When it comes to its online free PDF books, you can find many from almost all categories. Thousands of subjects and topics can easily be accessed through this platform for free. Thus, if you want to any of your favorite books online in Pakistan for free, this is the right site you go to.

6. PDF Drive:

PDF Drive has an immense database of e-books from a variety of genres. It includes comic books, magazines, articles, novels, and more in PDF book format. All are not available for free, but you can find many professional topics with free access. The available categories are Academic & Education, Business & Career, Art, Biography, Children & Youth, Environment, Fiction & Literature, Technology, Science & Research, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, etc. You can also access the buyable content from this website while being in Pakistan through the service by the online Pakistan book store.

7. Open Library:

Open Library offers a huge range of free PDF books to the bibliophile. Their borrowing features for the registered users make this website one of the favorite sites for a person who loves reading content on their e-reader for free. You can also search topics, subjects, authors, categories, and formats directly to find the most related content for free download or borrowing.

8. Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg has made intending to give free access to fiction and overall fun books to bibliophiles. It provides novels, comics, literature, and magazines in a variety of formats to make it compatible with your devices. It also features a special audiobook section to make you enjoy any narration listening for free.

9. Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle is the ultimate place for online book shopping in Pakistan. You may think that Amazon online books can never be free, but you are wrong. They also offer various free e-books to the readers who have their Amazon account for Kindle. It is really easy to download those free PDF books from there and enjoy reading the literary work.


BooksReading is the Pakistan Book Store that provides the means to access a variety of books from other internationally known online book sites. All of the above-mentioned websites can also be accessed through this gateway. Whether you need free PDF books or buyable literature, you can use this online book site in Pakistan for reading content online. This website also allows its user to download the enlisted books by getting subscriptions.

From our mentioned list of recommendations, you can find the best platform for free online PDF book download. During downloading PDF books online in Pakistan, always ensure that your device is compatible with the format. Your device must have an e-reader or PDF reader that makes you read the content digitally.


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